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Introduction to Mindfulness

This course is designed to introduce participants to simple Mindfulness practices that can be integrated into everyday life. The purpose of this day is to show you how taking a pause can help to self-regulate the body’s response to stress and anxiety and to help build personal resilience.



• Explain what Mindfulness is and how it can benefit our wellbeing

• Explain how Mindfulness can contribute to improved resilience

• Explore aspects of emotional intelligence and how they relate to mindfulness

• Explore the range of emotions and how they affect our responses

• Describe the gap between thoughts, feeling, and behaviour; and the opportunity for choice.

• Explain the importance of the breath as an anchor for present experience

• Use Mindfulness techniques to re-frame emotional state

• Cultivate compassion and self compassion

• Practice formal and informal mindfulness

• Devise own personal Action plan


Aimed at team members who want to develop mindfulness techniques in order to strengthen their resilience.

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This one day course can be tailored for the company and will be held either in person or on the virtual platform Zoom or Microsoft Teams. There will be a question and answer section at the end of the workshop.

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